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Health & Safety

At Idols & Anchors your health and safety is paramount! 
That’s why we only use pre-packaged, one-time-use equipment, which guarantees your safety when getting your new tattoo. Our pre-packaged Tubes and Needles prevent cross contamination and promote a more sterile environment.
 Idols & Anchors proves its dedication to your health and safety by remaining one of Ontario’s only exclusively tattoo – body modification studios.

Health Board Review

Every once in a while our friends from the Ontario Health Unit pop by for a visit to inspect us and grade us on our health and safety practices. It goes without question our customers deserve to know the quality of Idols & Anchors.

Our Process

Every Tattoo Shop seems to have its own unique process. Idols & Anchors is no different. Our process follows strict guidelines set forward by the Ontario Government and the Ministry of Health.

  • Pre-Sterilization: Before each tattoo, we begin our set up by sterilizing the counter, bed, bottles and power unit using Cavicide, intermediate-level surface disinfectant. This prevents cross contamination and ensures that all the bacteria and dust has been cleaned for the tattoo set-up.

  • Pre-Packaged Equipment: To ensure client safety, at Idols & Anchors we use all disposable Tubes and Needles. All disposable equipment has been pre-sterilized and packaged and intended for one-time-use only. This prevents cross contamination and eliminates the risk of foreign bacteria being transferred from client to client, creating a safer tattoo experience.
  • The Setup: All artists at Idols & Anchors have been educated and trained to prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens. This requires careful set up and handling of tattoo machines, equipment and pouring of the desired ink colours. All areas used in the tattooing process (including; the power unit, table and bed) are bandaged in barrier film to prevent contamination.
  • The Tattoo: This is where the fun begins! The artist preps the client, applies the stencil, and is ready to go. With skill and precision the tattoo is executed taking precautions to make it the most enjoyable experience for the client!
  • The Teardown: After the tattoo is finished and the client is comfortably bandaged, the artist begins the teardown. Everything used during the process of the tattoo is disassembled and disposed of. All used Needles are kept in Sharps Bins and all Barriers are disposed of in Bio-Hazard containers.

  • Post-Sterilization: After everything is disposed of, all surfaces and equipment used during the tattoo process are sterilized with Cavicide. This is done with great care to ensure that every surface touched is thoroughly wiped down and ready for the next tattoo set up to begin. 

For more information on the Ministry of Health and the government guidelines for Tattoo Studios and Artist please visit;